HKJFL Transfer Rules

HKJFL Player and Transfer Statement

HKJFL Player Registration 2015/16 Season

• By Registering with an HKJFL club, you are committing to that club for the whole season

• If the Club does not have a specific Registration process, you will be considered to be registered with that club simply by representing them in one HKJFL game

• Registering in one age groups means that you are registered to that club and so you cannot then represent another club at a different age group

HKJFL Player ‘Transfer’ 2015 / 16 Season

• A player can only transfer to a different club within the current season with the written consent of the current club
• The current club has every right to refuse to grant this permission and there is no right to appeal to the HKJFL
Player Recruitment
• Coaches shall not solicit or encourage the transfer of any player currently registered to another Member Organization.
• Coaches shall not knowingly misrepresent the potential benefits to a player of becoming affiliated with a particular coach, team, or member organization.
• Coaches shall not knowingly, recklessly, or negligently misrepresent or defame programs associated with other coaches, teams, or member organizations.
• Coaches shall not promise or provide any compensation to a player as an inducement to register or play with a particular team or member organization.
• Coaches shall cease and desist from any and all recruiting activity directed toward a player upon request from the player’s current club, the player themselves or the player's legal guardian.

Dated 28th August, 2015