Elite Player Squad

What is the Elite Player Squad (EPS)?

    The EPS class is by invitation only and is for players that have shown great enthusiasm, commitment and talent for football, providing the opportunity to develop their skills in a year round programme. Training is held on Mondays and Saturdays with regular fixtures across HK, usually on Saturday mornings.

How are players identified?

    MLFA does not hold 'trials' as such, we find there are better ways to identify 'talent' than a one off trials. Players are identified and invited from MLFA's classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. 

New to the School?

    All new players to the school with football playing experience are welcomed to contact Head Coach and Director Gavin directly at majorleaguefa@gmail.com as direct access is possible for the right players.

What Leagues are MLFA in?

    Competition is introduced early but in a non-formal, inclusive and child-centered environment. As the child grows the competition becomes more formal with paid referees and stricter game formats. During the early phases (u8s and U9s) games are predominately in a tournament format with older players competing in single matches which grow in length of game, number of players etc...

* For the 2014/15 season, all teams from U8s to U14s will play in the Hong Kong Junior Football League (HKJFL) as well as the Hong Kong Development League (HKDLA) for U8s, U10s and U12s.

In additions, all teams - Tai Tam LNY Cup (Jan/Feb) and HKFC Soccer 7s (May)

Totally – Between 20-25 games/events per age group.

For more Info about the Leagues we play in, click here - Leagues we play in!


    Mondays training is held either on the 6th floor turf or in the large gym.

 Date            Gym                  Turf
 25th Aug U10+11 boys+G4 girls U12s+G5-8 girls
 1st Sept U10+11 boys+G4 girls  U12s+G5-8 girls
 15th Sept U12s+G5-8 girls U10+11 boys+G4 girls
 22nd Sept  U12s+G5-8 girls U10+11 boys+G4 girls 
 29th Sept  U10+11 boys+G4 girls U12s+G5-8 girls
 6th Oct
 U10+11 boys+G4 girls U12s+G5-8 girls
 13th Oct U12s+G5-8 girls U10+11 boys+G4 girls 
 3rd Nov
 U12s+G5-8 girls U10+11 boys+G4 girls 
 10th Nov
 U10+11 boys+G4 girls U12s+G5-8 girls
 17th Nov
 U10+11 boys+G4 girls U12s+G5-8 girls 
 24th Nov
 U12s+G5-8 girls U10+11 boys+G4 girls 
 1st Dec
 U12s+G5-8 girls U10+11 boys+G4 girls 
 8th Dec
 U10+11 boys+G4 girls U12s+G5-8 girls 

Friday training

Fridays training is usually (but not always) held at the artificial turf pitch in Wong Chuk Hang, just down the bottom of the hill. There is a bus that leaves school at 230pm PROMPT and returns to school in time for everyone to get the 410/420pm buses home.

*As all the other school buses leave at 235pm it is important that we leave on time as to be first out, children can change on the bus or at the changing rooms at WCH. This ensures everyone gets the maximum amount of time on the pitch.


Elite Player Squad Cost is $7500 and includes;

1) All training and tournaments costs. All refereeing costs. All venue hire costs.
2) Full numbered playing kit.
3) Additional training shirt (we know it's hard to wash the kit from Friday for the game on Saturday morning!)
4) Draw string kit bag
5) 'Away' kit for those in HKDLA.
6) End of year party!

Extra Training classes!!!

   For season 2015/16 we will continue to offer extra training classes on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 345-5pm on the 6th floor turf with coach Kelly & Phil. Please contact us for more details.