Curriculum Philosophy

At the core our MLFA's player development model are two promises;

1) To coach the player not a 'manual' or a curriculum.

2) To be aware of physical and chronological maturities, social background and technical level.

MLFA's player development model is roughly (as all children develop at different speeds) split into 3 stages;

Ages 5-8 - FUNdamentals

During this phase, a physical foundation is built. Agility, balance, co-ordination (ABC's) and speed are the key areas
to be developed. 

MLFA is astutely aware that activities need to be matched to the child's level of maturity and physical development.
Virtually all of the FUNdamental movements that they need to aquire at this stage can be reproduced through play.

The FUNdamental stage builds solid movement skills that can be built on later and most importantly, enthusiasm and
passion for the game.

MLFA believes in introducing internal competition early. Many of the games played include 1 v 1 practices where players
are body/skill matched and challenged against each other. No matter what their ability, the kids love it!!!

Ball mastery, familiaristaion, dribbling and movement skills.

Ages 8-11- Golden Years

The ages of 8-11 are the 'skill hungry' or 'golden years' of skill development. These are the key years in which the techniques and skills of the game are most easily absorbed and learned, with the practices set accordingly.

The techiques of dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting, goalkeeping, running with the ball and turning are taught.

The MLFA team has the most up-to-date techniques of developing these techniques and skills so although some repetition
is required, the practices are so varied that all children and in practices will be challenged.

For most, this is the first age level where competition is introduced. However, as MLFA judges each player's maturity and physical development, this could be earlier or even later.

More complex movement skills, basic skills and techniques of football and simple game play.

Ages 11-13 - Game Development and Progression

In addition to all the basic football skills and movements above more complex ones are introduced. As well as 'how' is technique, a large emphasis is put on the where and when, in essence, this is the difference between a good a not so
good football player.

All players at this stage will be competing regularly and hopefully enjoying the internal rewards that go hand in hand with competition; good sportsmanship, team cohesion, confidence, morale and appreciation of others.

Leadership is developed at this stage.

Progression for competitive club and school football is essential with all the exit routes for life after MLFA clearly shown and encouraged. Gavin (Director and Head Coach), is the CDNIS U12 and U14 coach. For those with the skill and commitment, Gavin is also the Head Coach of the HKFC U13's Academy team. As you can see the 'transition' phase very straight forward.