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Welcome to Major League Football Academy

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself, my experience and my passion for developing young people into not only better football players but better individuals.

I started coaching whilst I was playing football at University in England,some 13 years ago now. Over the years I have gradually built up my qualifications and experience in a host of countries and with players of all ages and abilities.

I have a true passion and love for sport and football, but more than that I love working with young people and introducing them to the beautiful game. I believe this shines through in my work and that no matter what the age and ability of your child, they will receive a positive and engaging learning experience at any of MLFA's classes.

Please see a sample of parent testimonials below.

Yours Sincerely,

Gavin McDermott (MLFA Director and Head Coach) 


    "In the past two years with MLFA, our boys have grown in their love of football, thanks both to Gavin's infectious spirit and the fantastic attitudes and skills imparted by all the coaches.  MLFA benefits the school community, as kids get to play and bond with their school mates, and transport issues are eliminated.  We enjoy "MLFA Saturdays" in our relaxed school atmosphere, getting to know other CDNIS families and supporting our kids in their sports.

    Gavin seems to live and breathe football…spreading the love of his sport, consistently improving the MLFA program and enlisting more and more eager fans. Gavin demonstrates a great mix of encouragement, fairness and competitive drive to motivate the kids to play their best.  Gavin has excellent links to the HK football community, and as a result, MLFA players gain valuable experience playing in both friendly and competitive tournaments with many other HK teams."

Karen, mother of Cam (10) and Jack (8) - MLFA Elite player programme and Saturday Football

    "MLFA's classes challenge the truly sportsminded and encourage the hopefuls to reach their full potential..."

Margaret, mother of Lienne (5) - MLFA Tuesday (Prep-G1)

    "Gavin teaches my son James soccer on Mondyas. James enjoys Gavin's classes very much and always looks forward to attending Gavin's class every Saturday morning. I find Gavin to be very caring, patient and professional."

Eva, mother of James (7) Monday football)

    "Mr Gavin runs a fantastic program. We have tried lots of different soccer courses over the last few years and this was by far the best. Gavin always made sure that the emphasis was on participation and having fun. He kept the kids motivated and happy and it was great to watch their skills develop over the weeks. My son is looking forward to signing up again!" 

Sara, mother of Ruben (5) - MLFA Tuesday (Prep-G1)

    “MLFA embodies everything that sports should be – fun (!), a way to develop new skills, learn discipline and sportsmanship, and participate in tough, healthy competition. It is all due to Coach Gavin, whose passion, experience and encouraging patience make the programme what it is.  My two kids, Megan (5D) and Justin (5B) have been participating in the girls and boys MLFA programmes since they could, and are the better for it.  I am happy to see them develop under Coach Gavin’s guidance and love to watch, support and be involved.”

Colleen, mother of Justin (G5) and Megan (G5) - MLFA Elite and Girls Squads

    "Gavin has coached my 6 year old son Brett in soccer for over 4 years. I have attended lots of these sessions and they are the best run, most engaging and successful that I have witnessed in 34 years of competitive sport. Gavin has a real affinity with the boys and girls. He has nurtured Brett’s skills & development, & instilled confidence in him. I believe that Gavin is the best sports instructor my son could have."

Peter, father of Brett (6) - MLFA Wednesday (G1-2) and Saturday Sports

    "I have two children in MLFA and for them their weekly practises are highlights of the week. They're learning a lot about the game but, more importantly, they're learning the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship. I'm very impressed by the coaches' concern for each of the players and the calm approach that permeates the whole organization."

Tim, father of Sam (7) and Mark (8) - MLFA Elite player programme and Saturday Sports

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